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Office robotics is an innovative technology, which provides 100% payback in the shortest possible time. We have helped many Russian companies save significant resources. We have developed, implemented and maintained systems of robotic automation of business processes in accounting, marketing, sales, HR records management and other areas. The technology has proven its effectiveness. We are distinguished from other RPA integrator companies by the democratic cost of logging in. You don’t pay for the license — only for the work itself. We undertake complex projects and promptly carry out the entire range of work «turnkey» — from analysis of business processes in the company to staff training and maintenance. We give a guarantee for the developed and implemented RPA project.

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RPA in Marketing: conversion increased by 22%

Automation of the sales funnel and customer segmentation. Instant response and prompt execution increases customer satisfaction. The robot paid off in the first month.

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HR robot: economy and a satisfied team

The integration of RPA in HR allowed to abandon the expansion of the staff of personnel workers. The robot took over the accounting of working hours, the distribution of shifts and vacations, and the issuance of certificates.

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RPA in accounting

Robotization of accounting and logistics in a manufacturing company. The robot brought order to the warehouse, increased the speed of shipment of goods. Savings of over 2 million rubles per year.

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We will prepare a project for the integration of robotic automation of processes, taking into account the specifics of your business and office work. To analyze the current effectiveness and forecast the implementation of RPA technology, please fill out the short form below. We will contact you within one business day.

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