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Processes for RPA

RPA platforms are used in various industries. In any direction of office work there is a significant potential in terms of automation. We cooperate with both medium and large businesses, as well as with small companies. Our RPA model allows you to scale processes as the company grows (and contributes to the development of your business as much as possible). We always take into account the specifics of your business and workflow so that the introduction of robotic process automation ensures maximum return and time savings for staff. What are the most popular areas for RPA optimization?

Sales and purchases

Automation of lead generation and qualification. Conversion processing and calculation. Customer segmentation. Delivery of notifications. Selection of relevant offers. Promotion of the client through the funnel. Order management: from the formation of an application and invoicing to shipment to customers. Confirmation of orders. Processing in CRM. Verification of counterparties. Mailing address requests to suppliers. Analysis of sales indicators.

HR robot

Search for a resume according to the specified criteria. Sending invitations to candidates. Preparation of a package of documents for employment / dismissal from work. Creating and blocking accounts. Formation of the staffing table. Control of working hours. Calculation of wages and bonuses. Creating references. Registration of sick leave. Notifications about upcoming vacations, the relevance of documents.


Processing of incoming request flow. Automation of account opening and card issuance. Creating a client account/profile. Control and consolidation of transaction information. Processing salary projects. Checking the correctness of filling out forms and details. Basic communication with the client. Formation and distribution of responses to applications. Work with debt (monitoring, compiling a register, sending claim letters).

Accounting and Finance

Payment processing. Sending payment orders to counterparties. Filling out forms and instructions. Implementation of routine procedures. Reconciliation of data in documents and various systems. Identification of missing documents and sending notifications on them. Preparation of documents: reports, acts, invoices. Calculation of wages and bonuses. Creating help for queries. Elimination of errors in accounting records management.

Office document flow

Processing and distribution of incoming documents and e-mail. Data collection and extraction (external and internal sources, for example, public procurement). Search, monitoring, consolidation of information. Formation of reports, lists, registers, tables. Distribution of tasks among employees. Transaction control. Warehouse logistics: control of balances, formation of shipments. Monitoring the prices of competitors and suppliers.

Technical Support Robot

Organization of an online support service 24/7. Bot chat with clients or employees of the organization. Registration in the system of requests received via chat, email, messengers. Distribution by operators, specialists, working groups. Sending notifications about the status of the application. Control of deadlines. Customer satisfaction assessment. Generating reports on the results.

Please note that the processes listed in the blocks are specified for informational purposes. A specific optimization project may differ significantly, since when implementing RPA, we take into account the specifics and nuances of document flow in your organization.


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